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In October we were happy to welcome Fitsum to Edmonton. 


May 24 we welcomed an Eritrean family arriving in Edmonton from their last place of residence which was Angola

 The husband is Muluberhan Teklemariam.  He is Debri’s nephew – his father is Debri’s older brother who is still living in Eritrea. The wife is Rahel.  The daughter is Arsema. The family has been resident in Angola for the last 6 years where mom and dad worked as shop assistants until departing the country to come to Canada.  Before Angola they left Eritrea as refugees and spent time in Sudan, hoping to eventually join extended family here in Canada. Hopefully you will be able to meet all three sometime soon.


Greetings to one more new arrival from Africa via Israel this week; May 16. 

Welcome Tadesse Anenai!   To greet him at midnight in the airport: Pastor Bob in the 'Home Depot orange' shirt, Tadesse & extended family .

Hawat G arrived May 1 at YEG after a long flight Q (20hours) from Israel

Welcome to Canada, cousin of Debri .

         V   HAWAT  -  PASTOR BOB  -  DEBRI   V        






               Our club was pleased to have Walter and Jeana Schmidt for our guest presenters at the Christian Rods & Customs meeting 7:30pm,   Saturday, April 21 in our hall. Their wide-ranging trip through Israel was conducted by Chuck Swindoll through Inspiration Cruises and Tours. Swindoll is a prolific writer and radio pastor for Insight for Living broadcasts. The Schmidts shared their photos and experiences from their March trip to Israel. It was a very stimulating trip with a variety of experiences. In the course of the presentation they deliberated on the possible holding cell for Christ, the large Golgotha tomb, dress restrictions at sites, Herod’s temple access, forests/climate in King David’s time, modern hi-tech greenhouses, crucial water use and conservation, military service for youth, sourcing genuine souvenirs, transport features, kosher foods, and many other observations.