Pastor Bob MillmanPastor Bob

Bob Millman, born in Bristol, England, attended Ambassador University in the UK and finished his degree program in Pasadena, California. Thereafter he entered full time ministry in
Vancouver, B.C. and pastored in several cities & communities in western Canada. He currently pastors in Edmonton, Red Deer, Evansburg & Westlock.

The reassurance that comes from knowing the depth of God's grace and love for each of His children - has motivated Bob's counselling and preaching ministry with increasing emphasis over his years of pastoral service. He counts the friendships formed and the experiences shared with those he has pastored as the greatest blessing God could have granted him. He continues to keep Jesus Christ as the centre of his ministry and seeks to explain from the inspired holy scriptures God's plan and purpose for each person.

Bob enjoys traveling cheap, cheering for the Edmonton Oilers, (although since his marriage to Shelley, a Calgary native, he does so in a more subdued and respectful manner) & has an inherited interest in construction from his father and grandfather.

Bob enjoys being invited to speak to church groups in many different nations.  In recent years he has addressed congregations in Copenhagen Denmark, Cebu Philippines, Majorca Spain, Paignton and Bridlington U.K. and Dubai. 


                                                                                  Church in Polsham near where Bob grew up in Somerset UK